Student Life Network
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Hey there! We’re the Student Life Network.

But like our friends, you can call us SLN. Founded in 2010, Student Life Network quickly became Canada’s largest network of perks and opportunities for students.

The number one reason we all come to work is to help students. Having all been post-secondary students—some of us still are—we understand the struggle, financial or otherwise. That’s why we team up with awesome brands to give back and reward students with one-of-a-kind contests and exclusive opportunities. Come join us.

Our Culture

Our Culture

We live and work by one simple principle: You should love where you work. Love the people. Love the work. Love changing lives. And love the occasional dog under your desk.

At SLN, we take a collaborative approach to ideas. We’re constantly searching for inspiration and innovation to better help our students. The fabric that holds everything together is a team that has fun in and outside of the office.

Work Culture Work Culture

Work Perks!

  • Burrito and pizza days!
  • Paid training and learning sessions!
  • Beer pong!
  • Free coffee!
  • Large, fully furnished kitchen!
  • Team outings around the city!
  • Video game centre!
  • Friday Fun Downs!
  • Did we say, free coffee? Because we have free coffee!
Available Openings

Available Openings