Our Story

The Student Life Network is North America’s fastest-growing provider of awesome contests and exclusive experiences for Canadian college, university and high school students. And we love doing it.

Founded in 2009, Student Life Network works with trusted brands to give back to students. Over the years, we have created a tight-knit community of like-minded students that feels more like a family. Through unprecedented contests like Canada’s Luckiest Student, we have given away hundreds of thousands of dollars to over 1,000 SLN members, sent students on trips around the world and provided our members with exclusive meet and greets with stars like Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift and Rihanna. We’ve even sent students to the Grammy Awards. Pretty awesome.

We produce opportunities that students actually want.

In order to offer such opportunities, Student Life Network teams up with leading brands like CIBC, Warner Bros., DELL, Universal Music Group, Deezer, Live Nation and Uber. They’re pretty awesome, too.

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Have a question? Or think your brand is awesome enough to partner with us?

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  • Students, email us at info@studentlifenetwork.com
  • Brands, work with us at sponsorship@studentlifenetwork.com
  • Call us toll free at 877.795.3750

Stay awesome.